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if only our founding fathers were still here

Update On “Car Stops” And The Bundy Ranch Scene: Sandman Sends

Freedom to Bear Arms If you look back in history, governments that take away guns from their people, begin to kill their people. The more The government starts to take away the rights established in our constitution the quicker America will fall apart.

Time to scare the shit out of them, then ~~~ with U.N.I.T.Y!

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.

History repeats itself . . . | Donald Trump

History repeats itself . Reagan was the best president elected in recent history, so if history is repeating itself ,according to this,then electing Trump would be an amazing thing.

Thomas Jefferson.    Why do we now feel like the "underlings" whose job it is to agree with everything our Government says and does and to finance their insatiable appetite for power and money.

"The government is the servant, not the master, of the people" - Thomas Jefferson Now if we could educate the younger generation of this truth, America might survive the liberal assaults.

Donald Trump and Barron Trump are photographed at Trump Tower on January 6, 2016 in New York City.

Donald Trump and Barron Trump are photographed at Trump Tower on January 6 2016 in New York City

Happy Valentine's Day you two love birds. You should get a room. Biddy Craft

on the issue of the memos written by Christopher Steele from months of human intelligence work with trusted Russian sources—Trump, who claims the memos are 100 percent false, has already lied about them repeatedly.

Goodbye Obama

Another Pinner said: Goodbye Obama. America won't miss the worst president in the history of America! I pray Donald Trump wins so everything you did to destroy this country will be reversed.