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— white noise;

The moment that we all wished we were Sehun.or Kai. Well I would rather be in Sehun's position but I'd be okay if Kai were himself or Sehun (GIF)

nini leaning on sehunnie's shoulder :3 #babies #sekai

Sekai, Kai literally slept on every member in mama

Im sorry i by no means ship this two but damn that looks so hot >///<!

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KAI and SEHUN ..... Bumping into each other on stage. That's one sexy mistake!!!


[HQ] 150905 DMC Kpop Festival - KAI and SEHUN cr:as tagged -Dan<<< and then all the fangirls lost their shit😂

Sehun leading a shocked Kai in his arms lol... I would be just as overwhelmed...ohh kai so lost, love this boy...<3

Sehun leading a shocked Kai gosh.ohh kai so lost he is love this <<< or half asleep