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This happens to me a lot....

24 Of Greatest Grad School Memes On The Internet

Yeah, I get this with Harry Potter references all the time from friends.I'm a nerd!

He's called Susan

"I Speak Horse"

He's called Susan, and he wants you to respect his life choices! A Town Called Mercy

The classic moment where someone new to the whoniverse realizes this.

Dr who in a nut shell. This is what happens to your life when time travel is an everyday occurrence. "Time travel, when never meet in the right order."<<< never apply logic to doctor who

...Doctor Who ? .. :)... http://www.pinterest.com/cwsf2010/doctor-who

Most likely throwing an invisible javelin I mean come on lets be reasonable! The doctor being dramatic?

"...Like the little green one in Star Wars." Fantastic deleted scene, Series 5.

Just like Space Gandalf. // as if I needed another reason for Eleven to be my Doctor - he made a LOTR and a Star Wars reference!

god knows how that looked - the doctor kissing river song in the name of the doctor season 7 finale ///;

That episode where a spaceship full of dinosaurs is pirated by Filch, who takes captive Queen Nefertiti, who then runs away with Lestrade. And Arthur Weasley drives the spaceship.

Dinosaurs flying a spaceship? Nah they're probably just passengers on the spaceship.

yes, actually, I am

And everyone realizes that they have read in his voice. That was the momment I realized how obsessed I am with Doctor Who. When I automatically read things in David Tennant's voice.

Oh my god. My favorite show as a child has references to my favorite show as an adult!!

Yet another reason why Rugrats was awesome

So I was watching Doctor Who before I even knew I was watching Doctor Who! Rugrats was like my favorite cartoon when I was growing up!

Like Mother Like Daughter!

Like mother like daughter. Melody Pond aka River Song is so like her mother Amy Pond. I think there's a little dad ( Rory Williams) in her too.