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IBM va refondre en profondeur son programme partenaires - ChannelNews

CDC, IBM Announce Research Partnership Focused On Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence - The Fringe News

Artificial Intelligence In Music Production: What Does It Mean For Artists? http://ift.tt/2cZo0Tb

See how Grammy award-winning music producer Alex Da Kid and IBM Watson collaborated to turn data insights on music and culture into cognitive music.

IBM Interactive Experience: Work: Toronto Raptors - United States

IBM IX offers creative solutions for business strategy & experience design to solve complex business challenges.

Multiple Sclerosis

Poster details signs, symptoms, prevention and management techniques for various types of MS.

Qué es Teraflop

History of computing hardware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

CM-5 supercomputer - island bench?

Some companies try to build a super computer. They want to create a multi-function computer with high speed, the computer of course requires very expensive. Here is a list of most expensive computers

In Giappone l'intelligenza artificiale ha permesso di riformulare la diagnosi di una forma rara suggerendo una nuova cura

Donna salvata da leucemia: il supercomputer Watson risolve caso medico

IBM's big data analytics supercomputer Watson, while one of the most powerful technologies in the world, cannot match the power of the human brain, and probably never will, according to the IBM Watson lead.

Near-Artificial Intelligence in Radiology IBM’s Watson supercomputer has been used in oncology to assist medical decision-making. It proved the clear benefits of such a system by making diagnoses and treatment cheaper and more efficient. IBM’s Medical Sieve project aims to diagnose most lesions with a smart software, leaving room for radiologists to focus on the most important cases instead of checking hundreds of images every day.

IBM and its partners are building solutions that will allow individual patients and larger health populations to benefit as providers share and apply insight.

Automating Customer Interactions with IBM Watson Conversation and Bluemix - Blog on All Things Cloud Foundry

Automating Customer Interactions with IBM Watson Conversation and Bluemix - Blog on All Things Cloud Foundry

How Artificial Intelligence and Robots Will Radically Transform the Economy

You will love the future economy, thanks to robots and AI

I’m sure any of you who have spent time on this site appreciate the vital role content plays in building digital relationships. Perhaps what some didn’t realize was that of a buyer’s jou…

This representation shows the connectivity of the 10,000 neurons and 30 million connections that make up a single neocortical column. (The different colors correspond to different levels of electrical activity.)  Wow!

A Working Brain Model

This computer model shows the connectivity of the neurons and 30 million connections that make up a single neocortical column (the basic building block of the cortex). The different colours correspond to different levels of electrical activity.

Thinking Machines CM-5 (Supercomputer), 1993

IBM's "Sequoia" supercomputer takes the title of the fastest supercomputer in the world; it's installed at the US Department of Energy's National Laboratory in California.


MedDay gets to bring Multiple Sclerosis Drug to the US

Seeing MS – 9 photographers help visualise the symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

EXPOSING THE INVISIBLE DISEASE watch video please Most symptoms of multiple sclerosis go unnoticed by everyone except the person living with them.