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Want in on the slime movement, but not the toxic chemicals? Try this edible slime made from Starburst candies. It is fun and tasty!

Edible Slime from Starburst Candy

Edible Slime with Starburst Candies- non-toxic taste-safe slime for kids made from candy! Kitchen science 1 Bag of Starburst Candies Powdered Sugar Cornstarch

https://myfancycraft.com/ MyFancyCraft artisans community represents works of the best craftsmen from all over Ukraine

Paperweight Pebbles You will need maps.and a hot drink ( to keep you company ) choose the maps. ( paper, rather than cloth maps are best and squarer, rather than rounder pebbles ) cover the pebble and the

If happen to have been on the internet at all recently, you’ve probably noticed that bath bombs–those effervescent balls of color and perfume that your whole bath a certain color when you put them in–are having a bit of a moment. There’s the resurgence of the (excellent) bath bomb meme. The always-satisfying #bathbomb tag on Instagram, which seems to get new videos added to it every second.

12 Of The Coolest DIY Bath Bombs You Have To Make Today

Getting into the bath bomb trend? Wanna get your hands on that black bath bomb? If so, check out these awesome DIY bath bombs you have to make today.

"Congrats, you just found a new way to lose $10 (or more)." From: 12 Life Hacks Nobody Should Be Using

12 Life Hacks Nobody Should Be Using

Pin for Later: 45 of the Ultimate Best New Uses For Old Things Chapstick Bank Hide money in an empty ChapStick tube — perfect for when you're traveling or walking in unsafe areas.

This DIY Bubble Art Is Perfect For Holiday Gifts

This DIY Bubble Art Is Perfect For Holiday Gifts

Bubble painting envelopes = cup of water, 2 tablespoons of paint, and a few squirts of dish soap. Blow with a straw into the cup to make lots of bubbles pile up on top of the cup, then press paper to the bubbles so they pop and leave bubble prints.

DIY Projects for Teenagers - Storybook Paper Roses - Cool Teen Crafts Ideas for Bedroom Decor, Gifts, Clothes and Fun Room Organization. Summer and Awesome School Stuff http://diyjoy.com/cool-diy-projects-for-teenagers

75 Cool DIY Projects for Teenagers

Make paper roses decorations to add an interesting twist to items including gifts and Christmas tree ornaments. To find out how to make your own paper rose, read this tutorial.

Learn To Hand Letter: 20 Fantastic Resources For Beginners + FREE Printable Online Course Tracker  http://www.hearthandmade.co.uk/learn-to-hand-letter/

20 Fantastic Online Resources For Beginner Lettering Stars!

Today, while innocently scrolling through Pinterest trying to get my work done, I stumbled upon an entire culture I never knew existed – a group of females who share some pretty basic beauty, hygiene, and fitness hacks dubbed “hoe tips.” They are on Tumblr, Twitter, and even have a trending section on Pinterest! “Hoe tips” are a collection of crazy looking images with tips on how to be… a female? I think?

20 "Hoe Tips" From Pinterest That Are Actually Really Important For Girls To Know

If None Of These Snapchats Make You Laugh ‘Til You Cry, Nothing Will

If None Of These Snapchats Make You Laugh 'Til You Cry, Nothing Will

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