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Don't waste your time with someone who only falls in love with the things you do they should fall in love with you overall

I dont like when i have a promise to keep but i failed them...

Your babies deserve a happy momma!

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Ugh I love this so much❤ @only1ny

I wish my parents would let me live life to the fullest and not tell me to approach it with cation But Fuck em

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Inspirational Quotes

Little things to be happy about - The simple life

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Rantings Of A Beautiful Mind

Did someone get this from inside my head... it's a little too perfect for what is actually going through my head at this point... one detail pending

Infp-Did someone get this from inside my head. it's a little too perfect for what is actually going through my head at this point. one detail pending

Excerpt from a story ill never write

Excerpt from a book I'll never write

maram_zr (Maram) on Instagram

Defying the impulse to jump ship


fear of falling

Yep definitely get the feck off Pinterest  or my guna makes you sick with all this shit  you is the best wench ever though

I can tell you a lot about her. She’s someone with a huge heart. She will bend over backwards and fold herself in half helping out someone if she can do anything. Her loyalty to the ones that mean something to her is unheard of nowadays.

Yes. Wow

staying bitter does nothing, build a bridge and get over it.

'Find a man who respects you like a sea captain respects the sea, a man who looks at you with awe and reverence but knows that you are a force of nature.' That's how Dean looks at you, Rhia.

My kids will learn this! I feel SO SO bad for the kids who have whores (men & female) as role models!

spilled ink prose - I think love is wonderful, but don't be too focused on finding 'the one' Just work on loving yourself, your family and friends, and have fun!