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Gypsy wagons Australia offer highly detailed, artist built gypsy caravans with traditional scroll-work and lead-light windows. Wagons are fully insulated with a spacious room sloping walls and curved ceiling and handcrafted by us in Tasmania and for sale throughout Australia. Less costly than extensions they are a tiny home dream. We began making Shepherd's Huts in the 1990's and moved on to other house trucks and gypsy caravans and transportable tiny homes.

Recent Wagons by Gypsy Wagons Australia - Gypsy Wagons Australia

gypsy-wagon The inside is quite nice. Tiny portable houses

Gypsy Wagons with Jim Tolpin Learn the Art and Craft of Building Gypsy Wagons

a gypsy wagon by Jim Tolpin, made here in Washington State

Jim Tolpin’s Gypsy Wagons

gypsies! I always wanted to see some rolling down the neighborhood. This would make a fun garden / art shed

Les Roulottes by Jeanne Bayol. A French book.

tumblr_mqc4vrrsEr1rnp6nro3_400.jpg (360×490)

Des fleurs crochetées sur un rideau de dentelle

tumblr_mqc4vrrsEr1rnp6nro3_400.jpg (360×490)

If I became a nomad (just a thought), I would travel across borders in a little car, but attached to it (either the roof or on the back) would be a gypsy wagon just like this.

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: The fairytale interior and beautiful bed of a Gypsy

gypsy caravan | Gypsy Caravan Fortune Teller | Seer Pathways

Gypsy Caravan Fortune Teller - this is in the Bigg Market in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

item0: Architectural Digest

Unconventional Homes

Caravan Gypsy Vardo Wagon: A wagon. Unconventional Homes : Architectural Digest.

roulottes de campagne

Les Roulottes de Campagne, the French sure know how to do a gypsy caravan!

Gypsy Wagons - I'm sure I need this

Gypsy Wagons - Pretty sure I need this

gypsy wagon at the Stow Fair in the UK - love the bird cage on the back.

English Gypsy caravan, Gypsy wagon, Gypsy waggon and vardo: John Pockett at Stow Fair and Appleby Fair 2009

This little red vardo was built by J.M. Labrosse and featured by Instructables. J.M.'s step-by-step guide breaks this project down into manageable parts.

This little red vardo was built by J. Labrosse and featured by Instructables.& step-by-step guide breaks this project down into manageable parts.


For the backyard studio that you can leave town quick with.

Gypsy caravan, Gypsy Caravans, Gypsy Waggons and Vardos: Artists and Designers

Gypsy caravan, Gypsy Caravans, Gypsy Waggons and Vardos: Artists and Designers

Classic Sheepwagon | TIMBER TRAILS: Enabling cabin, cottage, and tiny house builders with resources for fast, efficient, and affordable housing alternatives. Live Large -- Go Tiny! > > TimberTrails.TV

cute garden shed, guest room, or playhouse idea!


Oh how I can picture this in the corner of my yard under the huge pine tree! Pic found on Magnon's Meanderings: Gypsy wagons.