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Que te zurzan !!✖️More Pins Like This One At FOSTERGINGER @ Pinterest✖️

Broken Heart with Repair Work, art illustration, stitched art. I want something like this with ravens coming out of the arteries and the word nevermore through it.

Castle cliffside town, the entire town is protected by the large castle wall on the right and the sheer cliff face protects the town from the left providing efficient access through the lake passing through.

ArtStation - Badland Buildings, Daniel Allison

Badland Buildings by Daniel Allison on ArtStation.

surreal music - Google Search

surreal music - Google Search

Happy Bicycle Day! Thank you, Albert Hofmann!  #lsd

Solano Pictures is raising funds for BICYCLE DAY Lives! on Kickstarter! The story of a botanist who had a little accident and changed the world as we knew it.