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Get your first look at John Watson's baby along with the new villain played by Toby Jones in the first Sherlock Season 4 photos.

just.....john please dont be mad at sherlock.....please

SEASON 4 SPOILERS I completely agree and at first I wasn't actually sure if it was John or my dog making the sound at the time. But after realising I think it is honestly the best choice of acting for what had just happened.

Haha. SO need to watch this. I love Martin Freeman. I imagine he makes a fantastic Watson!:)

Texts From Baker Street<--- seriously, I think there is chance of this conversation happening in my life.

I love how Sherlock ships John and Mary as much as i do!

Sherlock ships John and Mary. He loves Mary and is waiting for his chance and doesn't need another bloke in the way? Yes, I ship John/Sherlock. Yes, I ship Sherlock/Mary. And yes, I ship John/Mary.