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Poor baby! :)

misery: this is why my baby beau hates the snow!

Poor baby❤️

This puppy who ate his last bee. I literally died laughing this little dog is so cute with his cubby cheeks! My eyes where watering I was laughing so much. 37 Animals Who Failed So Spectacularly They Almost Won


Cone of shame coming to our house soon!

Dog Lips. i want this for my dog :D: Funny Dogs, Furbabies, Dog Toys, Fur Babies, Lips Toy, So Funny, Animal

Dog Lips Toy, haha this is so funny but Daisy would chew them to nothing in no time.

WE'RE GOING TO PETSMART. - @Margarita Rivera Rivera @Olivia García García Ray @Ana G. G. Trejo

get in loser were going to petsmart - doxie mean girls

yum, yum...

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Not fair, poor guy

Doggies love their treats, but when this dog thought that he may not get some of his favorite things, he reacted in the funniest way. You will love this, and perhaps you may even empathize with this poor pouch.

Awww I remember when my math teacher would stop class just to watch this video! We'd be laughing so hard other classes would wonder what was going on! Then we'd be behind in class, but he'd find another talking animal video and we'd watch that!

Tratando de pasar por un Doberman! Disguised as a Doberman!

"They told me I could anything.so I became a Doberman" My mom had a Dachshund once, she told me the little runt thought he was a Rottweiler!