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"Anxiety" - Astor Piazzolla Astor, Astor, you make me anxious in a beautiful way!

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“Let the rain kiss you. Let the rain beat upon your head with silver liquid drops. Let the rain sing you a lullaby.


Floating Feeder / Baltimore Oriels in the rain. Click and see the beautiful movement of the rain.

‏أنثى اعشق ⁧‫#الشتاء‬⁩ ورائحة ⁧‫#المطر‬⁩ اشتقت الي امطار ⁧‫#الشتاء‬⁩ الغزيره ❤☔  #كلمات

‏أنثى اعشق ⁧‫#الشتاء‬⁩ ورائحة ⁧‫#المطر‬⁩ اشتقت الي امطار ⁧‫#الشتاء‬⁩ الغزيره ❤☔ #كلمات

Love looking through a window on rainy days

Rainy days, Thursdays, and life-lines….