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Take away the too high winged viking strech would be shorter,and an eagle would sit on her brow's and nothing under neath her eyes.

Raven leather mask in silver. I like this mask because it covers the face disguising the features, however it isn't a solid mask it has shapes cut out of it to to create the intricate and delicate design.

GreenWoman by ~inkvine on deviantART  @Linda Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Bruinenberg Bruinenberg MacIver perhaps some inspiration for your next piece of art.  I love that this piece has ears.

GreenWoman by inkvine -Every thing is hand made, the mask and leaves are paper, the branches are wire wrapped in florists tape then built up with paper clay, mushrooms are poly clay.

Cornucopia - inspired by a photography taken during the venitian carnival in Annecy, France - Artwork © Barbara Orenya