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From the Blogess...

Don't knock it till you've walked in a ditch. Though it does help if you've had a few - too many brews-skis.

Im actually laughing out loud.

I Think He Nailed It

"This dad dresses up in a different costume every single day and waves as his teenage son goes by on the schoolbus." This dad is BEST. This guy deserves an award.

When dogs wear silk socks...

Dogs in pantyhose Lmao! Tried putting a dress & Hawaiin pattern boxers on my own dog but never pantyhose

Fuckin Derek always not being where he supposed to be

Man Fuck Derek by BryanZyzzKelly - A Member of the Internet's Largest Humor Community

Power of barking

Power of barking

Funny pictures about The power of barking. Oh, and cool pics about The power of barking. Also, The power of barking.

Maybe the TARDIS has this technology?  Although humans are clearly immune.

Look at this magical color changing portal! One cat goes in only to emerge looking completely different.

Fun Fact: Polar Bears yell while they poop. You're welcome.

Fun Fact: Polar Bears yell when they poop.) I cannot stop laughing at this fun fact. Wouldn't you love to meet the person who figured this out? Does a bear poop in the woods? Oh does he ever, I hear it all the time!

How to scare the crap out of hotel maids with laundry lol

Fun for April Fools! Several very funny ways to scare the crap out of hotel maids. using laundry.

What Would You Buy To Freak The Wallmart Cashier

Wanna play a game in Walmart?--The Walmart Game: You can only buy 3 items. What do you buy to freak the cashier out the most?

A Valentine you probably wouldn't want to receive -from The Blogess

A Valentine you probably wouldn't want to receive -from The Blogess

Caged Onesie… holy goodness I want one. Play pranks on people on it. :333

You know that time you're really board? Why not wear a Nicholas Cage suit. This is the scariest fucking thing I have ever seen. But could be fun

Always popular in Padua.

Always popular in Padua.