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Yeah, her priorities are properly aligned…the NRA is made up entirely by law abiding citizens.

Yeah, her priorities are properly aligned…the NRA is made up entirely by law abiding citizens! F U Hellary


Police shoot "innocent" thug after he pointed a gun at officers. Mom says "my child never had no gun". Here's the truth.

I don't agree with the assessment of Trump but I do agree that a Hillary presidential run would destroy what Obama hasn't. Trump may talk too plain for some people but in business he surrounds himself with knowledgeable people and I believe he will in office as well. Obama has always been to prideful to listen to his advisers and he has made a mess of our country.

Tired of the collusion & corruption! She needs to be ousted for the stolen primaries Election Fraud 2016 must not stand! Truth be told we do not have choice, this is clearly lawlessness & a selection by oligarchy unfolding.

The Springfield Three

Unsolved: 8 Of The Most Chilling Crimes That Remain Mysteries To This Day

These 10 creepiest unsolved cases in history take cold cases to another level.

Hillary Clinton said she had one phone for "convenience." So why does she have an iPhone & a blackberry now?

The Republican Party is fighting for a freer and stronger America where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

Never forget..You might also want to add (among many others who were killed)..Ron Brown, deceased Secretary of Commerce. Remember him, Hillary???

GOP Lawmaker Says Benghazi Investigation Will Lead to Hillary: 'It Was Her Show'

Reasons Not To Vote For Hillary!" These four men are at the top of a VERY long list of reasons Not to vote for Hillary.

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She has said she likes the "Australian model", where they confiscated the citizens' guns. She's openly against the Amendment and is "proud to have the NRA as an enemy".

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“HRC had a terrible week. Her comments and health issues just lost her the election. Dump her.

RNR Kentucky (@RNRKentucky) | Twitter...Obama's Enjoy Spending Your $ Per FOIA, Her Mom To Receive $160,000 Yr Govn Pension  For 8 yr Babysitting Grandkids #Trump #RedNationRising.

Michelles mother also reaping the benefits of Obamas office for the rest of her life.

Good point

Good point