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this planet doesn't need more 'successful' people...... David Orr

this planet doesn't need more 'successful' people.

Well said!!

a-sunday-well-spent (this post made me feel better about the coming week! Yay for good sundays!

keep your feet in the clouds....

keep your feet in the clouds.

read between the lines

read between the lines


May your character preach more loudly than you words. Who you are and your values have the ability to influence others and the world. Actions speak louder than words so therefore who you are speaks louder than what you have to say.

today is my favorite

today is my favorite

One of my fav quotes~ Velveteen Rabbit Quote Vintage Framed Art Print by Sugarboo Designs

Choose always the more difficult task. Always.

Mother Teresa’s Humility List. Always love Mother Teresa's words. but avoid curiosity? Sorry, but that I just can't agree with.

The Love you take( is equal to( = The Love you make- AbbeynRoad my most fav album ever

((( <3 ))) :) V^V <3 V^V....

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I prefer to fly...

"If you hang out with chickens" by Steve Maraboli WTF? If you hang out with eagles you won't eat small animals, screech or be endangered?