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Ha ha ha hilarious

Funny pictures about IKEA job interview. Oh, and cool pics about IKEA job interview. Also, IKEA job interview photos.

Cat holic

Catholic Meeting Today: Five minutes in, Colin suddenly realized he had misread the sign. Catholic versus cat-holic: Why punctuation matters.

I like this kind of compromise! ;)

Funny Pictures Of The Day – 100 Pics.I'm definitely not the best at compromising

Lmmfao! For real though!

Free and Funny Cry For Help Ecard: Please do not wear flip flops if your feet look like you could swoop out of the sky & snatch your dinner from a lake.

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Lol, so true!!

Tired of yelling to get your kid's attention? Try these: -use the bathroom -make a phone call -relax on the couch -open a chocolate bar

Puns, puns everywhere    I just laughed waaaayyyy too hard at all of these!

Puns, puns everywhere

Cute Puns - Do you get them all? There is one bad word but it's so funny

Hmmm...is this approach cheaper than a CPAP machine?

It's a taser. It's for your snoring. An older couple in bed. The woman has a taser and the man is upside down on the floor on his head. Click if you have a snorer in your life.

I will!

A procrastinator? I'll prove you wrong someday. Just you wait and see. (I'll procrasinate at my funeral.I'll never die!

Tell me you don't do this.

Tell me you don't do this.

Every morning at home. I thought it would make me get out of bed. Over time it turned into a mission. How to stay in bed and covered up while getting something.

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I LOATHE people that do this and I will NOT let you over!!!!

An entry from Sweet Serendipity

I LOATHE people that do this and I will NOT let you over!!!!