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Kawandeep Virdee’s, co-founder of New American Public Art, project “Listener.”  makes large, public video, light and audio installations that are responsive to their passersby. In considering this work and the meaning of interactivity, he realized that the term doesn’t have to be limited to the user interacting with the piece — it can also mean that the piece interacts with the user. #interactive

How do people interact with a public sound responsive lighting installation?

Straw Blown Peacock Painting - fun kid's arts and crafts projects. Blow painting is great for preschool and kindergarten

If your kids are peacock lovers like we are, you will love this pretty and fun painting project. Blow painting is wonderful for preschoolers.

10 ways to boost your creativity with new tech | Graphic design | Creative Bloq- Local Projects used interactive tables to enable visitors to explore the Cooper Hewitt museum’s collection

10 ways to boost your creativity with new tech

Human projection, could poss use this concept to map onto the naked body

In Order To Control by NOTA BENE Visual

interactive, participatory and informational _ designed for all ages _ creates a different environment in the gallery when the audience becomes part of the art work . NOTA BENE Visual In Order to Control “A text discussing about…"

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Beads & Baubles Ecourse

DIY Twisted Wire Ring tutorial on Fall For DIY. Make easy, quick and chic rings…

intervenções urbanas natureza

10 intervenções urbanas que interagem com a natureza

StepArt Street art is there to surprise and inspire us, to shake up the often dull urban environments in which it can usually be found in order to give us a

collage and mono print the different texture and colour background

collage and mono print the different texture and colour background Picking key colours from landscape for collage background