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Chameleon. Such a flexible fellow. Now green, but soon... who knows? Luv yur tail, dude.

Such a flexible fellow.

Fox by Dave Coleman


Fox by Dave Coleman

So Beautiful Parrotlets

Previous pinner: Pacific Parrotlets, native to Ecuador and Peru; four-and-a-half to five inches long. Me: I appreciate this factual, true-to-life representation.

오늘의 한문공부 77회(1월16일)    今之孝者 是謂能養 至於犬馬 皆能有養   不敬 何以別乎( 금지효자 시위능양   지어견마 개능유양 불경 하이별호)  今;이제 금,之;어조사 지,孝;효도 효,者;사람 자,  是;바를 시,謂;이를 위,能;능할 능,養;기를 양,至;  이를 지,於;어조사 어,犬;개 견,馬;말 마,皆;다 개,  能;능할 능,有;있을 유,養;기를 양,아닐 불,  敬;공경할 경,何;어찌 하,以;써 이,別;다를 별,  乎;어조사 호.    공자님 말씀.  오늘날의 효는 부모를 잘 봉양하는 것을 말하는데.  개와 말 같은 짐승까지도 모두 먹여 기르고 있으니 .  공경하지 않으면 무엇으로써 구별할 수 있겠는가? 마부작침(摩斧作針)

Funny pictures about A mother swan carrying her babies. Oh, and cool pics about A mother swan carrying her babies. Also, A mother swan carrying her babies photos.

Odd animal couples 33 - http://blog.hepcatsmarketing.com - check out our blog network for more cute like this!

The Oddest Animal Couples have stayed together now for one year after they got together after Kenya Wildlife Service.

parrot friends.

A Parrotlet ~ And A Macaw: "Sharing Kisses." Just gonna leave the original caption:D

Compilation of the spiny, bright & venomous caterpillars of Peru photographed in the field "Meet Your Neighbors style". ~By Aaron Pomerantz

Look, Don't Touch. The Spiny, Bright & Venomous Caterpillars of Peru

Dwarf Puffer Fish | Synchiropus splendidus 2 Luc Viatour.jpg

The Mandarinfish or Mandarin Dragonet _ is probably the most colorful aquarium fish in the world. It is scientifically named Synchiropus splendidus. _ Amazing Animals: The World’s Most Colorful Aquatic Animals

Endemic to the western Pacific, the Violet-spotted Reef Lobster (Enoplometopus debelius) is a very popular and highly prized species in the aquarium trade. Specimens are collected in the wild (mainly in Indonesia) and are sold for $25 USD.

The Violet-spotted Reef Lobster (Enoplometopus debelius) is all decked out in hot pink, ready for a night on the town since, you know, lobsters are nocturnal.

Red-Tailed Comet Hummingbird. Photo by Glrnn Bartley Nature Photography.

(Sappho sparganurus) Central Andes of Bolivia and Argentina. The male has a spectacular, long, iridescent, golden-reddish tail and reaches 22 cm in length.

Orange Demon Fish Or Frogfish.

Frogfishes, family Antennariidae, are a type of anglerfish in the order Lophiiformes. They are known as anglerfishes in Australia, where 'frogfish' refers to the Batrachoididae.