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Could we make this to fit over an essential oil diffuser thingy?

little house by Japanese brand, Lodge. The smoke coming out of the chimney is from the incense cone inside - it's a wee little incense pot. Each house is made individually by hand and great care has been taken to achieve a realistic looking surface.

波佐見焼 h+ 八角皿L | monsen

波佐見焼 h+ 八角皿L | monsen

Good Night Lamp is a project that aims to bring people together through a neighborhood of networked lamps. The concept is simple: each large lamp is paired with a smaller one, which can be given to friends and family anywhere in the world. Pressing down on the chimney turns the light on and off in both your lamp and its pair, creating a tangible reminder of the other's presence.

Good Night Lamp

// porcelain ring

The ring is made out of french porcelain - Lemoge and have a white/cream tone.