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Aircraft Military

This is the ‘Angel of Death’, the world’s biggest flying artillery gun – and the latest weapon being used by British and US Special Forces to defeat Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan.

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How Space Elevators Will Work

Space elevators are explained in this article. Learn about space elevators.

Scale of the Planets - Space Facts - Earth   is Pretty Small!

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NASA's space shuttles are amazing flying machines. They launch like rocket, land like airplanes and then hit the hangar for a pit stop before turning around and doing it again. Now, nearly 30 years after the first space shuttle - Columbia - bla

Outstanding infographic of NASA's Space Shuttle – From Top to Bottom (Infographic)

Best. Toy. Ever. looks like sooo much fun!!!

Best. Toy. Ever.

It's a wave rider! Ok what exactly is a wave rider and can I bring it to the wave pool in the summer?


The first popularly standard spacesuit. Sort of like a standardized business suit or a great pair of regular sunglasses (not cheap and good? entrance to an astronaut suit?

Red Bull Stratos

音速で落下「ほぼ宇宙」の12万フィートからスカイダイビング、40年ぶりに世界記録を更新する Felix Baumgartner

Red Bull Stratos ~ One of the coolest moments in the world! Watching with hope and anticipation for Felix Baumgartner to complete a dream! Love love love this pic! Felix and Mike look so thrilled!