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If this had been Bush..... MSM would have breaking news during programs to show how incompetent he is.

President Obama may not have a strategy for ISIS, but he does have a definitive strategy for his next golfing vacation.

Rioters all voted for Obama. The get what they want and one little thing goes wrong....they KILL and DESTROY THEIR OWN NEIGHBORHOODS. Guess what CITY will LEAD the NATION in BLACK UNEMPLOYMENT for the NEXT 10 YEARS ?!!

they'll all burn with Obama in hell.too late for them to back out now


Unbelievable: Top Obama Adviser Brags About obama’s Executive Orders Wake Up Sheeple, this admin = Communism not a REPUBLIC.

Gov. Walker Lays Out Immigration Stance that Supports American Workers | NumbersUSA

How to trounce Scott Walker: Courage, unions and Democrats’ identity problem

Ashton Kutcher on the Importance of Work

Ashton Kutcher on the Importance of Work

I'm not an Ashton Kutcher fan, but he's right about this. When he was younger he held a lot of jobs that others would consider beneath them. He has a work ethic that is lacking among today's 'entitled' youth.

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