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Eevee and shiny Eevee in the same location.

Eevee and shiny Eevee in the same location.

Pokemon X and Y shiny Pokemon hunting guide: Fun story, I was playing Pokemon Y and I was just running around in a field of lovely yellow flowers when suddenly a horde of Poliwag appeared. At first I was gonna run but then I realized that one of them was

Pokemon X and Y shiny Pokemon hunting guide. New to the game so I've gotta be prepared! X) Shiny Eevee, here I come!

Pokemon and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air..... NICE! So which fish Pokemon would be Carlton then?

Pokemon and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. I want to watch Fresh Prince of Bel-Air now.

Pretty sure this is the second or third time I've pinned this...worth it.

The One Trainer Who Has a Reason for Catching Shiny Pokémon<<and the Pokemon is all like "shiny human" XD

No Tail. Poor Jolteon. No Tail. Only Spiky Butt

No Tail

no tail -_- poor jolteon, but look at leafeon's face! Leafeon looks so defeated!

Brock and Lucy. o-o what in the world. lolol. Who ruined it? Was it May?! I need to find this episode and watch it again. *-* I know it's in Hoenn so I'm thinking May..

Brock's Eyes Are Handy

Lucy (Gen 3 Battle Frontier) likes Brock's eyes! Yes someone who takes interest in Brock!

I really did always wonder this

I've always wondered about how the trainers just know which pokeball holds what pokemon. <-- probably just where they have their Pokemon on their belt



Pokémemes: PokéLove This is precious < I absolutely love my bidoof (already bibarel) and Zubat (now a crobat) and my magikarp (now gyarados)