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Funny pictures about Honey Lifesavers. Oh, and cool pics about Honey Lifesavers. Also, Honey Lifesavers photos.

And why this is so funny. | 23 Things Americans Can Honestly Never Understand About Britain

And why this is so funny.

Burde ha gått til specsavers. That's the norwegian saying. The british is probably something like: Should have gone to specsavers

14 tips that could save your life - Not so sure about the Barnes and Noble tip, but the rest seem pretty solid. Quite the list of scenarios, they sure covered all the bases! #Safety #Tips

14 tips that could save your life

I can see me now trying to remember while the bear is lunging towards me. "Is it leaves of Brown, flush it down?

When you move out and live by yourself

Not my usual thing, but. ☜(⌒▽⌒)☞<<<i usually use a straight up towel and lay it on the bed or floor instead of an ironing boars

Just go buy the books, read these parts, and you will understand why Fourtris is the best ship ever created. Enough said

Creepy enough that all three books were next to me when I read this pin

Well, I was going to say that we have Dan and Phil then I realised that America has Gerard, Frank, Ray, Mikey, Patrick, Pete, Andy, and Joe. We are both pretty good.

Burst with excitement!

Roses are red Violets aren't blue There f****** purple You should have gone to spec savers They might have helped you

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Good Guy railroad worker

Good Guy railroad worker

Good Guy railroad worker Restores everything in human nature!