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The Signs and Being Drunk, tex, funny; Zodiac Signs

ZODIAC SIGNS and BEING DRUNK Capricorn True! Pisces This is exactly why I stick to my limit of one glass without food and two with! However a true Pisces can get drunk on the atmosphere alone, so who needs alcohol ?

The Elements- click on pin!

I've always felt connected with fire walking thru fire in my dreams while always dying in water even when shot falling in a puddle and slowly bleeding out but then starting the drowned everything becomes distant even voices in dream fade away to the black

but ardent means passion/passionate so libra kisses with a passion passion

Kissing Style by Astrology Sign! -lol at the Gemini one but true sometimes. Very true about the Aquarius !

Interesting. Funny how we can be so oblivious to the obvious until it's pointed out to us.

I'm a cancer/gemini he's a virgo/leo. I act like the Gemini he acts like the virgo 😊😊😊

Sagittarius is so accurate my friend is that sign and that describes him so well.

Traits the Signs Keep Hidden - I'm a Sagg, Aquarius, Capricorn mix. and though most astrological descriptions don't seem to fit - this was dead on.

Cancer Zodiac... That's me :) I can say I am less volatile now. power of prayer :-)

Sensitive, emotional, caring, easily hurt but when you see the real me because I let you and I can trust you then the love you will receive will be so deep and surprising to you.