Greetings cards (series 2) |

Kirsty Elson Original unique sculpture from Cornwall, using driftwood, rusty nails and any other j.

dd487b121292a87c77d7ab2a8b3e707d.jpg 600×800 pixels

Artisan Pedrete Trigos - Lovely and beautifully detailed armoire filled with thread, ribbon, lace and sewing essentials!

Intro-introduction to abstract art  DIY pixel painting art. Find a photo you love. Zoom in on an area and pixelate it. Decide on a size (i.e. 8 pixels across and 12 pixels down equates to 3" squares on a 24" x 36" canvas.). Draw the grid on the canvas and paint squares using pixelated picture as a guide.

Hell is frozen. I am finished with my pixel paintings! I can't believe that the five blank canvases I bought nearly a year ago are finally covered with 480 textured green and gray squares,