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Van Gogh's Starry Night meets Dr. Seuss Whimsical Trees. This is the art project my Students are painting for Christmas this year.

Cool project for a MSHS paint and sip, hot chocolate and snacks before the choral concert.

Very NEAT!!  Students read the story "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds. It is a story about believing in yourself and believing in your work.  They create an image starting with only "one dot" on their paper. They then turn the dot into whatever they want, letting their imagination & intuition guide them. Students should start right away with permanent markers as there can be be no "mistakes" in this project. After completing their drawings they can fill them in with tempera paint!

"The Dot" by Peter Reynolds. Story about believing in yourself and your artwork. Start with one dot. Creat into whatever you want by intuition-no pencil- permanent marker from the start because there are no mistakes. Grade Art with Mrs.

Name art - grade 4/5 for the first week of school

name art: write you name in cursive on white paper.must touch or overlap. Fill in with colors of marker. Love for teaching primary colors grade

SPACE  (foreground, middle ground, background)  Olivia13390's art on Artsonia

SPACE (foreground, middle ground, background) art on Artsonia