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How to...container homes

How to Insulate a Shipping Container Home. Insulating any house is a necessary component to any living environment, however, when applying to a steel, cargo-container home, things may get a little tricky. Consider the different.

My amazing nephew Hunter Leggitt designed and built this home in California. Someday I would like him to design a house for me to retire in.

House, Lake Isabella, California by Hunter Leggitt Studio. On a yearlong sabbatical in the desert, Hunter Leggit led seven university student apprentices as they built a weekend retreat from scavenged supplies.

This would make a great studio/workshop/office for the back yard - pallet floor in a shipping container, if you cut a few windows, perhaps...

Pallet wood as an affordable shipping container home floor. Strip old floor. Sub floor. Then wood.

Tiny home~ shipping container. Great self contained home for off grid living.

In this case, the sum is more than the parts - and the building footprint tells only half of the story. Push a button and things begin to unfold, revealing not

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Hotels & Resorts, Chic Modern Californian Chestnut Residence by LPA Architects: Floating Wooden Staircase With Under Space

From The Black Desert House to a black house in the snow, this project is called ‘Twins: Houses in Five Parts’ and was designed by William O’Brien Jr. These are two ultra-modern, minimalist holiday homes.

The Cousin Cabana: a 480 sq ft cabin near Austin, Texas, designed for visiting friends and family

The Cousin Cabana: a 610 sq ft cabin near Austin, Texas, designed for visiting friends and family. No bedroom, but could easily replace the storage area.

Casa Vale Do Lobo par Arqui+Arquitectura - Journal du Design

Casa Vale Do Lobo par Arqui+Arquitectura

Casa Vale Do Lobo by Arqui+Arquitectura, Portugal. I wish the rules for swimming pools in the US would allow us to do things like this. And an amazing house.