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The Other Austen

We love Jane Austen "not for the primness, propriety, or romantic conventionality imputed to her, but for the energy of her satire, for the irreverence and the bitchiness of her wit." JANE SAYS Other.

The most accurate depiction of how I watch Pride and Prejudice EVER. It is the absolute truth and it freaks me out

Watching Pride and Prejudice. This is pretty much the most accurate drawing I have ever seen of someone watching Pride and Prejudice.

Chasers War on Everything - 205 - Mr. Darcy Test - YouTube

The Chaser's War on Everything - 205 - Pride & Prejudice's Mr.

Darcy's inner struggles.  These put a whole new perspective to Darcy. Jane Austen Pride and Prejudice

Darcy’s inner struggles- they have started a meme on these and they are funny