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The alternative ways suggested here are important though. If you look at them analytically you will see that they center around actively engaging students in the learning task through a variety of ways including, critical thinking, brainstorming, concept mapping...etc.

Routines and Transitions alternatives to traditional homework Even at the college level, these homework alternatives make a lot of sense in a language classroom. I am beginning to really re-think all my ideas about homework.


18 Ways To Use Rubrics In Education - Edudemic - good to use when creating assessments of learning to mark completed tasks.

Feedback Please

Events in Instruction- Event #7

The 27 Ways Teachers Can Give and Receive Feedback Infographic refers to Gagne’s event of instruction and presents ways that help teachers provide informative feedback to their students as well as receive feedback upon their teaching practices.

“32 Characteristics of High-Performing Classrooms #bclearns #psd70 #onted”

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Characteristics of High-Performing Classrooms

bright student vs. gifted learner... very good info

Gifted, bright, smart, talented are different things. You can have a talented failure or a gifted student who makes Cs or a bright child who's a little loosey-goosey but works hard and gets the As that the smart kid won't earn.

Learn more about classroom accommodations for special #education students and receive a FREE copy of this accommodations printable!

Special Education Accommodations

Observation Look-fors: What can coaches give teacher feedback on?

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11 Things Coaches Should Look For in Classroom Observations. See on Scoop.it - Education Matters - (tech and non-tech) 11 Things Coaches Should Look For in Classroom Observations