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Lol. You fucking moron!

So this is a Christian, arguing that God must be real because the word God exists, and words are only for things that exist.

well, i don't wish that anyone would walk in front of a bus. i do wish they would walk into a group of scientist and would't find the exit door for a few years.

Atheists are the reason for crime? So the popes and priests that rape children isn't a crime? Religious people are idiots.

Way past time for the mentally ill to be treated specially just by claiming their mental illness is 'religion.'  This man is clearly dangerous and admittedly 1 auditory or visual hallucination away from killing and raping thousands of children or whatever the voice tells him to do

Just wanted to make it clear that Ray Comfort is now claiming that he did not write this and that someone apparently hacked his page.

The only way a person could NOT have questions is if they stop thinking.

With all due respect. shut up, Joyce. Just shut up, please. Go chill out in one of your mansions you've bought with money from people who don't think, and stop speaking." God help us.

I had to laugh at this one- I mean, seriously? Atheist Bible?? Lmao *crying* ... wow.

wow the atheist bible? where can I get that, because I can get your bible, I've read your bible, that's why I'm an atheist, but I haven't even heard of the atheist bible. wow a bible just for us atheist?

Apparently angels are now mortal???

Yahweh's ambassador, Ken Ham: "Every time someone believes in evolution, an angel dies.

Jeden týpek pred niekoľkými mesiacmi (asi 6) mi povedal presne toto  stále sa z neho smejem

Jeden týpek pred niekoľkými mesiacmi (asi 6) mi povedal presne toto stále sa z neho smejem