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I prefer the drummer

I prefer the drummer

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Me with pierce the veil sleeping with sirens my chemical romance Black Veil Brides bring me the horizon panic at the disco fall out boys and many many more!

Attention My Home, My Music, My rules door welcome mats drummers drumming drum kits sets drum sticks | Need this rug

Music speaks (23 photos)

Share a Coke with DRUMMERS.  Well, maybe just one specific drummer, JOSH DUN! :D                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Many people have decided to express their anger at Coca-Cola's sponsorship of the 2014 Winter Olympics, taking to the Share A Coke website to.

Percussion Problems

This is why I can't play snare drum or tenors. My left hand refuses to roll properly.

This is Dana. She is 19 years old. Her birthday is June 18th. She is a gifted artist and drummer. She is quiet, but sweet. She is very powerful. (Adopted by Christine (Rp: Melody) Higgs (Rp: Frost))

Name: Shelby age: 15 Description: I'm Shelby. I'm I was born with blue in my hair. My parents told me that when I'm 16 the blue hair will inflict with my powers that arrive on my birthday.