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Politicians and drug use infographic

With the primary coming up tomorrow here in Texas I thought it would be appropriate to post a political infographic today. While its not necessarily the most relevant infographic it is a pretty entertaining one. Today's infographic Drug Use Among Pol

An infographic that compares the Occupy Wall Street movement with the tea party movement. It debunks several misconceptions surrounding both movements

Faceoff: Occupy Wall Street vs Tea Party Movement – Over the past few years the world has seen several forms of revolutions. Firstly, the Occupy wall street…

arnteriksen:    (via Shit People Say: Slang From The 1990s Until Today [Infographic])

Sh** people say. 20 Years of Slang infographic. Funny words & phrases from pop culture.

Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water, unless you live somewhere at this time where it is your only means of drinking water, you have much less responsibility that say me who lives in a area abundant in water resources. :)

Other Infographics - Water infographic. Why You Should Stop Drinking Bottled Water. Reasons to Stop Drinking Bottled Water.

Die Infografik „The Boss Decoder“ hat schon die eine oder andere Aussagen Ihres Vorgesetzten für Sie übersetzt. Allerdings sollten Sie selbst beginnen, die Botschaften Ihres Vorgesetzten, bei denen Ihre Intuition aktiv wird, zu entschlüsseln.

The Boss Decoder (infographic) Have a look at the hilarious and at times probably true decoder infographic designed by Chelsea Carlson and originally published by The Daily Muse.

The US is the country that consumes the most drugs in the world. We have wasted 1 trillion dollar on the war against it that's 793 dollars a second more than the average person makes in a week or month. Jails are filling up and more drugs are coming into the states as I type this if something doesn't work then when fight it again if it's going to beat you? There are other solutions that we haven't excepted! We are wasting money that we don't have and we owe more money by the second.

INFOGRAPHIC: Failed War On Drugs

The Failed War on Drugs - The US has spent one trillion dollars on the on - 25 billion dollars a year [Infographic] thought this was interesting.

Most Siri users say they’re satisfied with the voice-control tool | Articles

Today’s Infographic - “Siri, Why Don’t You Understand Me?” visualize some of the common uses of Siri and find that one-third of Siri users don’t use it Siri for anything more than making phone calls, searching the Internet and sending text messages.

Drug development process  From http://ffffound.com/?offset=50&

The Drug Development Process by Jordan Gray - nice clean design and good use of colour