ParkChoonMoo spring/summer 2013

An ode to the pure minimalism and the typical shapes of the Asian imaginary in the spring/summer 2013 collection by designer ChoonMoo Park.

Tandt spring/summer 2013

Fashion is something to play with and experiment, trying different styles to create your own balance.

Geoffrey Mac spring/summer 2013

Geoffrey Mac is an American designer, from Chicago. After graduating in Geoffrey has immediately captured the attention of the media, quickly becoming one of the most promising emerging designers of his country.

Imago-a spring/summer 2013

Imago-a spring/summer 2013

Trendt spring/summer 2014

The Sao Paulo based designer Renan Serrano for the spring/summer 2014 of the brand Trendt created a series of pieces that find references in the Brazilian architecture and in the aesthetic heritage of colonization.

Tramp in Disguise spring/summer 2013

Tramp in Disguise spring/summer 2013 - Photo 1

ROSA BRYNDIS spring/summer 2013

The brand ROSA BRYNDIS was founded in 2010 by designer duo formed by Rosa Winther Denison and Bryndis Thorsteinsdottir.

Furansu spring/summer 2013

K Lai, designer who grew up in California, and Annie Ching, who completed her studies in the Netherlands, are the founders of the Hong Kong based brand Furansu.

Yosef Peretz spring/summer 2013

We present the spring/summer 2013 collection Lion Heart by Israeli designer Yosef Peretz.

Minna Palmqvist spring/summer 2013

Minna Palmqvist is a designer of Finnish origin, now based in Stockholm, Sweden. She founded the namesake brand in 2009 and soon began to receive the first awards.

Josefinstrid spring/summer 2012

Keep an eye on Josefin Strid, fresh cool Swedish designer.

Nubu spring/summer 2014

The Hungarian brand Nubu fully represents the minimalist and experimental contemporary aesthetic.

Oversized silk shirt

The Italian designer, now based in London, Claudia Ligari began her working career when she founded her eponymous label in