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You can keep that sh-t!

Tiny car, I hit a deer, Deer laughed and walked away, Hahahaha - I always wondered. They make deer horns for car in Sporting & Hunting section for driving on Country Roads, only deer can hear horn

That's right... lawyers do it better!  First step: LSAT domination:)

This makes me excited! The only way I can even remotely enjoy school is if I'm actually learning

House for Sale. Best Sale Sign Ever I don't know if this is a repost, so I'm sorry if it is . <-- his neighbor Sale funny asshole lol neighbors owner house LMAO haha


The Art Of Irony: These 20 Photos Are Perfect Examples Of Contradictions

Irony is a part of life, sometimes a very unfortunate part of life. Other times, it’s just funny to laugh about. These are the most ironic things that have ever happened – and been posted online.

"Duh" ... why not?

This sign warns you there is a prison near by and not to pick up hitch hikers! It is implied these hitch hikers could have possibly escaped the prison. This sign takes low cognitive effort and was found in the virtual domain.

Got it...thanks.

Someone spent the time to make a sign (and may have actually gotten paid) that says "don't throw stones at it?" Tell me this is not a real sign. It's some kind of photoshop, right?

pointing out the obvious...the sad part is that nowadays some people are so stupid they actually need these signs...

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