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Jamestown Fish

I like the stylized image incorporated into the words

Click through to see collection of logos. Really good.

25 Wonderful Logo Designs

Nu by Joe Cavazos working on a little logo mark for a personal project in the works.

Leaf & Drop Irrigation

Leaf & Drop Irrigation

Adore the World

Anonymous said: How do you meet new people? Answer: Go out to parties, smile at people. Be honest, and make bad jokes.

Logo for mobile gaming non-profit start-up Humblr | Designer: Chad Syme #logo #logomark

Phase 1 of branding for Humblr, a mobile-based non-profit start-up that leverages the popularity of mobile gaming to raise money for charities and non-profits around the country.

Casey Martin Design Portfolio

I like this cafe logo because the letter 'u' is joined with the letter 'p' which makes the symbol of a cup.


Don't know that it conveys what it is for well, but I still like it.