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good things beauty ❤️ I love travel stories and peoples' travel pics. Love love love them.

all i can see if Drunk harry singing this at the top of his lungs

Harry Potter Randomness [Book 2] - Number #289

This is so true for all of the non Harry Potter fans out there! I'm sorry but we can't be friends if u don't like Harry Potter! You filthy muggle!

Love reciting them in my head in their voices

Harry Potter actors tell their characters' favorite lines. ~It's so weird how some of those are my favorite lines from them too.

a very pale green — for a while now i have been keeping a list of...

Make a list of all the good things in life. Then make a list of all the bad ones. Try to think of two good things for every bad thing. if you cant, get more detailed and specific with the good things. take the bad things list and burn it.