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FREE Classroom-Check In Anti-Bullying Product Applicable for Teachers of All Grade Levels

Free Halloween Brain Breaks for your class!

Brain Breaks for Halloween (Freebie

Music cues for the classroom---need to check this out for iPhone or iPad

Music cues app for the classroom---need to check this out for iPhone or iPad. Cool idea for getting students' attention without using words!

Education to the Core: Anchor Charts

Anchor Charts

Self-assessment throughout the day? Make a poster for my classroom wall. Education to the Core: Rate your learning scale. Aligns with the Marzano method.

Classroom Routines                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Class Routines-a list of 40 things to consider

Class Routines--a list of 40 things to consider with a free printable checklist from More Than a Worksheet

Give students a speeding ticket for finishing early. Remind them to slow down and take their time.

"Ticket" students who finish quickly and miss a lot of problems. Over time, repeat offenders may lose their "license" to participate in fun activities! Idea to thing about trying.

A Rocky Top Teacher: Monday Made It

A fun way to keep students accountable for their messy work. When a student rushes through an assignment and you KNOW s/he can do better, pin it up and have them redo it. Should I require students to redo things?

I've done a homework club for 7 years and it really works!  I love this display idea!  Must make this!

Homework club- students who return homework on time get to stay in the club. At the end of the month students who are in the club get to have lunch with the teacher.

I am definitely doing this because sometimes a data wall just doesn't give students enough of a push!

Homeworkopoly Classroom game-neat idea is a great way to get homework incentives and completion. It is not to elementary and still provides students with a few get out of jail free cards for those times when life just happens.