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Hahahaha chevy ford jokes

A boy in my class was trying to tell me that fords are better than Chevys. Then a girl behind me says,"When we bought Chevys, they always fired back on us." And I said,"It's backfired, and are you sure that your operating it correctly?

There's somethin bout a truck :)

She said "Hey boy, do mind takin me home tonight? Cuz I ain't never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this high! I love big trucks!

lifted Toyota Tundra

know my man would approve of this but i will need a ladder for sure" Previous Pinner. Ima get my own truck get a lift kit for it myself, and make HIM find a ladder to get HIMSELF in!

But Ford Trucks...

Funny thing is my boyfriend likes ford and I like Chevy so it fits perfectly for us :) ♥