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Käthe Kruse Babypuppe, »Milena«

Käthe Kruse Babypuppe, »Milena«

American Girl Doll Bright and Colorful by 123MULBERRYSTREET

American Girl Doll- Bright and Colorful

Зимняя одежда для готц. / Одежда для кукол / Шопик. Продать купить куклу / Бэйбики. Куклы фото. Одежда для кукол

Winter clothing for Gotz. / Clothes for dolls / Shopik. Sell buy a doll / Beybiki. Clothes for dolls


I think you could use burlap for a dress and Effner dolls would make it look pretty. She is adorable in this simple knit.

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Выкройки-легко.рф (Шитьё, Стиль,Творчество)

This should be in the doll category ,but the outfit is so brilliant , that it needs to be in 'crafts', so i can copy it one day.

Как сшить игрушку. Мастер-классы, идеи, обучение

This reminds me of the "drelbs" that Pal-Shel, Kevin, and I made in grade school.ours weren't near as well made as this doll, but they were destined to die in the incinerator behind the school so it didn't matter.

Kruselings Chloe Doll Deluxe Set - Petalina

Chloe is a Kruseling, one of a group of friends whose magical abilities help them protect children from bad dreams. See them all at Petalina!