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Happy valentines day Dave Franco

Dave Franco just found out this is james francos brother now i feel really dumb for makin fun of him for acting like james franco so much!

James Franco gotta love him <3

Comedy Central Roast Of James Franco Online. It's James Franco's turn to step in to the celebrity hot seat for the latest installment of The Comedy Central Roast.

He knows that no means no. | Community Post: 12 Reasons Dave Franco Is Actually Perfect

12 Reasons Dave Franco Is Actually Perfect

Dave on scrubs. Reasons to become a doctor

((Closed with Darius)) I come into your room and tap your shoulder "hey beautiful" I say "how is that eye sight of yours?

Dave Franco. my address is hidden. come at me bro. Say that Dave. He is a saver. Sir do not fuck with Dave as Bradley Cooper is a stage name she knows as an admitted ghost writer. She hated the Hunger Games. She did.

LadyBoners™ on

Just when I think James is hotter, I remember Dave. I have to marry one of the Franco brothers.

Zac Efron <3

just another picture of zac efron. got on a nice tailored suit, looking so fresh and clean :)

my first love

(James Franco) It's tragically unfair that he isn't just a pretty face. just the face would do.

Dave Franco

James Franco‘s younger brother Dave Franco has made a career of playing douchey, varsity-types in countless films as of late, and we definitely do not.