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21 window, micro bus, 1966, bus, transporter, deluxe

Volkswagen : Bus/Vanagon Deluxe

Black & Red VW 2nd Gen. - OMG! I'm having heart palpitations!!  I WANT!!  But, I want it NOW, Daddy!!!

Volkswagon Van: my first vehicle was a VW van :) tan on bottom, white on top. I loved it sooo much, but the same thing (can't remember which part) kept breaking over & over. The third time it broke was it for my van :(

VW Kombie Designs the Split 21 will forever be my favorite

Volkswagen (Germany) Fanáticos de las VW Kombi (Fans of Kombi)

Bigswitchbladeknife.com likes this bus.

Bigswitchbladeknife.com likes this bus.

877ed909c04464efddd20431aca8d291.jpg (958×960)

877ed909c04464efddd20431aca8d291.jpg (958×960)

Before it was the bus, VW's Type 2 worked for a living.   ||  Vintage VW Bus Advertising and Brochures

Before It Was the Bus, VW’s Type 2 Worked for a Living

VW bus cross section Volkswagen Combi Kombi microbus cutaway