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zaphias | Vesperia Alphabet. (Reply)

Vesperian Alphabet, from the video game Tales of Vesperia

Old Hungarian Runes/Alphabet by lovemystarfire on DeviantArt

These were requested by a fellow Deviant They are a squared version of the Old Hungarian Alphabet (Runes) That I found. Old Hungarian Runes/Alphabet

Skyward Sword alphabet (Legend of Zelda)

Asgardian alphabet

Asgardian alphabet (looks more like greek to me tho)

Zora lang

Zoran Alphabet Legend of Zelda

Dig the teepee font.

The Elementarium, by Isobel Winter What is it? The Elementarium is a script based on the Latin alphabet that I created about three years ago. What is it for? Initially I created The Elementarium as a way to write down spells, sigils, and other...

Sigil Athenaeum - violetwitchcraft: The Elementarium, by Isobel.

My Made-Up 'Ancient' Script by AzureMagic on DeviantArt

My Made-Up 'Ancient' Script by AzureMagic on DeviantArt // hmm i like the grammar here

The Arcadian Alphabet

Alfabeto cuneiforme

Alfabeto cuneiforme

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Gerelateerde afbeelding

Martian Glyphs & 190

The Martian language is the spoken and written language of Barsoom, used and understood by.

KLI pIqaD - Idioma klingon - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The Klingon Alphabets, Star Trek

The 26 Umiian Glyphs

Image from