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mrs-all-hood: “Lukehemmings: Cake in Russia 📸ashtonioirwinie ”

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Everyone says Luke even I did when I watched this!!!!!

Everyone says Luke even I did when I watched this! ( Luke just is the biggest mama's boy)

"Bienvenida al boulevard de los sueños rotos, Weigel." … #fanfic Fanfic #amreading #books #wattpad

preeetty sure lucresio has lip injections o_O

♕⇥ уσυя єуєѕ ѕнιиє вяιgнтєя тнαи тнє ѕтαяѕ ⇤♕

Happy Birthday Can't believe your 20 alredy< time is going by so fast! Love you, and see you in Charlotte!>> Love you Luke!

I can't understand how the f*uck he is always looking so hot!? And when he's not hot he's so freaking cute ❤️✨

I scream his name. He can't hear me over the millions who scream it too. He loves me too. But he loves 7 billion other girls the exact same way. To him, I'm just another fan in the crowd.