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Old muffin tin into art- could use any theme

Bird Nest Muffin Tin Wall Art Was going to make this. and started it.

These muffin tin lasagnas are so yummy and makes great small portions that can easily be frozen and reheated too. They can easily be customized for picky eaters.

Muffin Tin Lasagna

This is page contains recipes for making muffin tin lasagnas. Making lasagna in muffin tins allows you to personalize your mini lasagnas for picky eaters. They also can be easily frozen.

lilybeans muffin tin using beautiful melissa France's papers. to show you what a dork I am, I love this but don't get how to to use it. I pinned it to remind myself to make a beautiful muffin tin to just look at on my wall :D

muffin tin, I'm thinking of getting a mini muffin tin and turning it into the advent calendar.

There is a lot more to your basic muffin tin than meets the eye! Use it to make pre-made green smoothie cups, a fun fondue set, or to DIY your own bath bombs!

13 Innovative Uses for a Muffin Tin

There is so much more to a muffin tin than muffins and cupcakes! From crafts to food hacks, this kitchen staple is so versatile!


Great way to use up heels of bread or one last hamburger bun. Make mini french toasts in a muffin tin.

Muffin tin recipes

Lots of creative recipes, mini meatloaves even! 16 Unexpected Muffin Tin Recipes - Breakfast, Appetizers, Dinner, and Dessert!

26 Mini Snacks to Make in Muffin Tins