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Cherry pitter, genius

Whoever said you can’t make a good cherry pie with sweet cherries was lying. Sure, I love a sour or tart cherry pie as much as the next cherry-lover, but when the Greenmarket only has the swe…

why didn’t I think of that! what a pretty way to do pie crusts! @ Tasty Holiday Food Ideas

Wonderful DIY Decorative Pie Crusts

It's Written on the Wall: Pie Recipes You CAN Make Delicious and Pretty Pies & Pie Crust. I love pie.

Raspberries + Dark Chocolate Chips = Super delicious! get your sweet fix with antioxidants as well!

Healthy , Low-Fat , No-Bake , Quick & Easy , Recipes RECIPE: Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Chip Dessert Raspberries + Dark Chocolate Chips =.

Lemon & Earl Grey Tart with Buttermilk Chantilly - Hint of Vanilla

Lemon & Earl Grey Tart with Buttermilk Chantilly

Impossible Coconut Pie - this looks like what I used to make when I was a kid.  Mmmm good and so easy to make!

Impossible Coconut Pie

Recipe -- Easy Coconut Pie that layers itself. Also called Impossible Coconut Pie. All you do is combine the ingredients and bake. Like magic it layers into crust, custard, coconut topping. Also Includes a Recipe for Homemade Bisquick.

Blueberry Hand Pies by King Arthur Flour

Blueberry Hand Pies: King Arthur Flour Use vegan butter, tofutti sour cream and brush pastry with soy milk instead of egg for a vegan recipe

Mini Banana Cream Pie Desserts by cookingtipoftheday

Recipe: Mini Banana Cream Pie Desserts, cookie crumb base, instant pudding filling, whipped cream topping in clear plastic disposable cups


With these no-fail, homemade pie crust recipes, tips, and how-to videos, you can bake your most impressive pie ever!

Made with all-natural, raw ingredients, these Triple Chocolate Dream Cakes are rich, decadent little desserts that are perfect for when you are hosting a party or having friends over.

Triple Chocolate Dream Cakes

Decided to try this today. Just making on big one. {Cookbook Review}: Blueberry Brown Butter Tarts

{Cookbook Review}: Blueberry Brown Butter Tarts