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The house was originally mustard coloured but Christensen wanted it to appear “like it had been swallowed up by nature” so painted it green to match the surrounding trees. The pool was built to resemble a natural pond.

Vintage Farmhouse: Helena Christensen Love when pools, hot tubs look "natural" Pool!

If you're a bookworm, fill your special place with books, both well-worn favorites and new bestsellers.

Home Office Shed. now there's an idea! I saw a cute house for sale with about a square slab in the backyard, leftover from a portable shed I guess. how fun it would be to build a litte sewing/quilting studio onto it! Love this idea

This beautiful stone clad pool house was decorated by Phoebe Howard, saying "An object has to be beautiful but it has to work for what it's intended". So this cottage is practical and pretty ...photographed by Erica George DinesThat kitchen is just the sweetest, love so…

This lovely stone house has a cottage garden backyard and an inground swimming pool (via "It begins with a Design and ends with the Artisan") LOVE!

pool  [ my grandparents had a little guest house by the pool that they called the "cabana" & was my home for a couple of years after college. I'd like to live that way again. I think I'm supposed to be in the big house at my age but I'm not finding a lot of benefits to the big house, I think the cabana might be just about the right size. ]

I like THE POOLHOUSE With the bathroom in the closed off side. Just reverse the closed off bathroom side on the right of the cabana/poolhouse.

Find ideas and inspiration for a grand pavilion patio structure for outdoor relaxation and entertaining.

Pool House and Pavilion Ideas

Pool house because every pool needs one right? Love the big window and the wide sliding glass doors. It could have a changing room and bathroom so no one would have to go through the house in their wet suits and towels.

perfect little elderly couple's home to grow old in.... OR perfect little home to raise a couple kids haha

perfect little elderly couples home to grow old in. OR perfect little home to raise a couple kids haha - Cottage Life Today


Would love this as a change room outside! Brilliant idea for a small Guest House. Could put this in the backyard and gain an extra bedroom/workroom/pool change room and the white theme makes it look bigger, crisp and clean.