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I always am intrigued by optical illusions in graffiti

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Like Superman's suit behind his shirt, some graffiti simply wants to break free .


As if you didn’t already know by now that Roids is painting some of the most unique graffiti around. As if you didn’t already know by now that Roids i.

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #2158

TWIST and AMAZE - Sydney, Australia. I have a photo of something like this from New York a couple of years ago


rime msk, the seventh letter sketched by pose and ewok [link] rime ''silver mag''

I have officially discovered my favorite graffiti artist: ROIDS


New wall by Roids painted in Bangkok. New wall by Roids painted in Bangkok.

Graffitis imbriqués de PREF

Street Art – 22 graffiti imbriqués de PREF !

light and shade, Double Word Graffiti, British graffitist Peter Preffington started doing regular tagging on walls, and over the years, he has developed a new style that includes painting various words in one image.