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This is Missouri right now

Don't think he knows about second Christmas, Pip. Yes, I knew I loved hobbits! Second breakfast and second Christmas!

The cast making fun of Orlando! Too funny. Although Viggo does admit it's a joke and that Orlando put up with the pain and continued working his best.

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Mean Girls memes

The 10 Best "Mean Girls" Memes, in Honor of Its 10-Year Anniversary

AND NONE FOR GRETCHEN WIENERS BYE. In case you don't get it, it's a Mean Girls reference. I Sigil for Stretchin Wieners. this is one of the greatest mean girls jokes have have ever seen. well done. none for Gretchen wieners bye

Awesome Siblings Winning At Life - Emily and Zooey Deschanel

15 Awesome Siblings Winning At Life

Older siblings are awesome. And older siblings who play Bones are awesomer. The Deschanel sisters are seriously two of the best people on TV.

Waking up during Spring Break


How waking up during Springbreak feels like How morning of the new semester feels like True St / funny pictures :: study :: The Lord of the Rings :: demotivation :: college / funny pictures & best jokes: comics, images, video, humor, gif animation - i

Sean Astin with his daughter in Return of the King, and at The Hobbit premiere.

Sean Astin with his daughter in Return of the King, and at The Hobbit premiere.

Sean Astin : "So, this is my daughter Ali, who played Eleanor in The Lord of the Rings: Return Of the King. Christine & I loved taking her to the Hobbit Premiere to visit with old friends. I don't feel old, just proud.and old :) " I love Sean Astin!

Please I need you attention, this is VERY important

The meme is a lie! "One does not simply walk into Mordor. There is an evil there that does not sleep and the great eye is ever watchful.it is folly!" <-- I hate when they mess up this meme!

this makes me love emma stone even more

it doesn't feel fake, jimmy. Bahahaha I love emma stone!

We will find you Josh Hutcherson

one day i shall be an fbi agent. i will find the government database. i will enter in tom hiddleston's photo and find the 7 people who look like him. i will get their adresses. is that stalker-ish? yes, yes it its<< previous pinned said this.

Everyone in the fandom needs to do this the day There and Back Again comes out on dvd, and then we need to get on the internet.

The LotR movies started at about 9 houts total, then the exrended edition came out and the length jumped out 4 hours each movie with a total time of 12 hours. Thats gonna be 24 hours total marathon when the extended Hobbit releases.