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Popular: Mr Blobby with Noel Edmonds on Noel's House Party, which was axed by the BBC in 1999.  So wrong in so many different ways

Pictured: The abandoned ruins of Mr Blobby theme park after ravers trash site

Mr Blobby always scared the crap outta my brother.I think that's why I liked him so much. I remember they opened up a Blobbyland in England somewhere but I never got to it :(

Brum. Loved this show!we would get you super early on fri to watch this because it was an Australia show

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Brum has a home at the Cotswold Motoring Museum & Toy Collection (Childrens T.

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10 Retro Eighties Toys You Wish You Still Had For Your Kids- Water ring toss

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30 Great Things About Growing Up In 1980s Britain (PICTURES, VIDEO)

I found slush puppies today! Growing up, Jamie and I used to get Slush Puppies at Murray's, a gas station in Vidalia.

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Roller Skates. . .

I had the exact same pair of Fisher Price roller skates. I wore them to a roller disco and the older kids thought it was hilarious. I cried.

Remember when

Remember when