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fancy cocktails - Google Images on we heart it / visual bookmark #13134145

Brazilian illustrator Fabio Rex has created a really simple graphic recipe guide to create perfect cocktails, from the Margarita to the Caipirinha to Long Island Iced Tea. At last, infographics put to a good use. I'm glad it's Friday!

chart of after-dinner cocktails

After-Dinner Cocktails By Fabio Rex - I don't consume alcohol, but this is a cute infographic.

wine guide!  Guess whoever created this hasn't been to Germany.  Riesling can be dry, and there is no Dornfelder red.

Do you know all of the different types of wine? This infographic organizes almost 200 types of wine by taste and style. Take advantage of this chart as a great way to discover new types of wine.

tilted jello shots- how festive!  Loralee Lewis gives step by step instructions...

simple Jello pop shots ~ simple but eye catching way for a party! use with diet jelly for a sweet but low cal treat

1326869833_0-5.jpg (570×4136)

In this post I have an amazing project made by Konstantin Datz, 22 years old and studying design on university of applied science, Potsdam (Germany). The cocktails poster is the ultimate collection of the

Its Tuesday, You need a drink - #Imgur

Its Tuesday, You need a drink

I would never dream of adding grenadine to my Manhattan, but this guide offers some good ideas for various occasions. I love how I'm the manly man since I drink it straight. Women can drink straight whiskey too lol.

Mad Hatter’s Potion Cocktail.

Mad Hatter potion - dry ice pellets are the secret. Signature Cocktail: Mad Hatter's Potion part Pineapple Rum part Coconut Rum part Vanilla Vodka part Strawberry Schnapps Splash of Pineapple Juice Slice of pineapple for garnish

Beer cocktails

Beer Cocktails [Infographic] - mostly just 'cause it's pretty and I like infographics.

Fun with shots!

Alcohol is supposed to be simple: whisky, whisky and more whisky. Maybe some gin. Tequila if you want to party. Fine, vodka too. But alcohol doesn't have to always be so boring. The sugary world of flavored party shots can be fun!